TUSA Product Manuals

Instrument Manuals

  IQ-400 Imprex II Dive Computer (Released 1998) (.pdf)
  IQ-600 Platina Dive Computer (Released 2002) (.pdf)
  IQ-650/SCA-251/SCA-351 Element Dive Computer (Released 2008) (.pdf)
  IQ-650 Element II Dive Computer Quick Overview Card (.pdf)
  IQ-700/SCA-343 DC Hunter Dive Computer (Released 2004) (.pdf)
  IQ-700 PC Interface Manual (.pdf)
  IQ-750/SCA-252/SCA-352 Element II Dive Computer (Released 2009) (.pdf)
  IQ-750 Element II Dive Computer Quick Overview Card (.pdf)
  IQ-800 DC Sapience Dive Computer (Released 2004) (.pdf)
  IQ-800 PC Interface Manual (.pdf)
  IQ-850 DC Sapience II Dive Computer (Released 2009) (.pdf)
  IQ-850 DC Sapience II Quick Overview Card (.pdf)
  IQ-900 Zen Computer (Released 2009) (.pdf)
  IQ-900 Zen Quick Overview Card (.pdf)
  IQ-950 Zen Air Computer (Released 2010) (.pdf)
  IQ-950 Zen Air Quick Overview Card (.pdf)

Equipment Manuals

  TUSA Mask and Snorkel Manual
  TUSA Regulator Manual (except R-500 series) (.pdf)
  TUSA BCJ (Buoyancy Compensator) Manual (.pdf)
  TUSA A.P.A (Active Purge Assist) Manual (.pdf)
  TUSA SAV-7 and SAV-7 EVO Manual (.pdf)
  TUSA FK-900 Series Disassembly Instructions (.pdf)

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